[column size=half position=first ]Who We Are?

[dc]B[/dc]asaran Grinder Corp. has become one of the fastest growing grinding machine solution providers. Basaran began building world-class grinding machines with the 400IR as the flagship model. Due to the tremendous success of the 400IR, our machine portfolio quickly transformed into a variety of over 32 different models. This was due to new investment in manufacturing capacity, combined with a patented new MMC (Modular Machine Concept) developed together with MIT professionals.

In addition to building the machine of your dreams, Basaran Grinder Corp. is also one of the finest solutions providers, delivering turnkey systems for automated grinding, inspection, and data gathering.


[column size=half position=last ]Why Choose Us?

Better engineering, better results!
[sws_ul_ui indent=”0″ ui_theme=”ui-smoothness”][sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ position=”outside” icon=”ui-icon-plusthick”]Basaran has assembled a team of excellent engineers who have many years of experience designing and developing systems. From the diverse backgrounds of our engineers working on many types of projects, Basaran is able to offer a wealth of talent and skills to your projects.[/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ position=”outside” icon=”ui-icon-plusthick”]Personnel training and trouble-shooting are the key of industrial production efficiency. Our local service team will help select and train your plant personnel and teach them trouble-shooting of the machines gradually by regular visits and visits on call. [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ position=”outside” icon=”ui-icon-plusthick”]Pre-sales consultation and after-sales follow-up are crucial for project’s success. Our company is made up of a group of professionals with integrity and sense of responsibility. The attitude we hold is to ensure a good result for our esteemed clients. [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ position=”outside” icon=”ui-icon-plusthick”]High quality one-stop solution will guarantee you well the value of your investment. [/sws_ul_ui_item] [sws_ul_ui_item item_indent=”0″ position=”outside” icon=”ui-icon-plusthick”]As a long-term reliable friend, we are dedicated to solving any problems of our clients without hesitation. [/sws_ul_ui_item] [/sws_ul_ui]

At last, we improve your productivity, eliminate your waste and maximize your profitability!